Welcome to Bealltainn main coon cattery!

Posted on Feb 11, 2014

Welcome to Bealltainn main coon cattery!

Our cattery is registered with The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) №258175.

We’re located in Moscow.

Our first main coon appeared at our home in 2011. It’s Admiral Jack Vorobey from Baronhouse cattery. We had been choosing a kitten for a long time, and having just seen our Vorobey we understood at once that it’s HIM, the coon we had been looking for. Vorobey grew up and turned from a fluffy baby-kitten into a shaggy, affectionate and very charismatic tomcat. It is exactly the cat we had been dreaming of – a long-maned, wild-eyed cat of great temper!

The next two years were spent on studying the breed. We got familiar with nuances of various feline show systems, attended successfully a few cat shows, got a diploma in felinology, and attended a number of lectures on the breed peculiarities and veterinary science.

In 2013 our first girl – Bolla from Lynx Shadow cattery – came to live with us. It’s a restless, cheerful, affectionate cat, and a great companion at that. We’ve been watching her growing up and developing, and are deeply satisfied with her.

During these three years Vorobey had several matings with cats from various catteries, and now we’re watching carefully the kittens born from these matches; probably some of our “grandchildren” will come back to us.

We definitely aim at getting healthy and harmonious progeny that meets all the demands of the breed standard. We pay much attention to the cats’ disposition. Cowardly or belligerent animals wouldn’t enter our breeding program.

Our cats are never caged, they are raised underfoot and on the lap. Our animals have everything necessary for their fair life, they always get skilled medical assistance, all the necessary inoculations, analyses and tests are made in time.

We don’t use manufactured food. Our cats eat only natural food, and we’re deeply satisfied with the results.

The kittens born in our cattery leave our home fully vaccinated, treated agaist parasites, and having all the necessary documents including the HCM genetic test results.

If you have any question, feel free to get in touch with us, we’ll be glad to help you.


Svetlana and Andrew